Senior Advocacy

Care Management – How Does It Work?

Caregiver Champion promotes the health, dignity, rights and quality of life for caregivers, the chronically disabled and seniors. We offer services that make a difference in people’s lives, helping clients and their families select the best options for their needs and protecting the rights and well-being of people living in long-term care facilities. We provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment, excellent care and a specialized care plan that is constantly monitored.

Care Management

  • care management for seniorsIt begins with a comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment.
  • A Plan of Care and a Personal Healthcare Record is developed.
  • Education is provided to the client and family concerning the disease process.
  • Medication management is provided by a Registered Nurse, who monitors the medication or assists the client with a medication dispensing system.
  • A nurse to accompany your loved one to medical appointments.
  • A home-safety plan is developed by a physical therapist who completes a home assessment and suggests whether medical alarms may be needed.
  • Provide caregiver support groups and education
  • A Registered Nurse or other health care professionals may need to oversee a Telehealth system to monitor the client’s symptoms and is available to accompany clients to appointments.
  • The Caregiver Champion team monitors the Plan of Care so that the client continues to maintain their highest level of individual functioning.

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