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Creative Solution: Senior Transition Specialist

Providing peace of mind for the client and family by assisting with relocation

Sara and Leon’s Story

Sara age 80 and Leon age 90 have been relatively healthy and living independently in a condominium. Leon still drives and bowls; Sara is still involved in charitable work and is an active choral member.

Lately, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain their home. Housekeeping, maintenance, laundry, shopping and cooking are more of a burden. They are now considering a move to an independent living facility. After an extended search they find a facility that meets their needs. However, the rooms are smaller than their condo. After some initial excitement about moving and finding relief from their household burdens, realization set in that they will have to downsize.

They will have to dispose of many of their cherished possessions — some of which have been in the family for generations. The thought of leaving their home and downsizing causes an overwhelming doubt about their decision.

Research show that change can lead to anxiety and depression. Even having to decide to leave behind that favorite chair or special household accessory, creates conflicts and sadness. This conflict can delay, and even prevent someone from making an important move.

The creative solution provided by Caregiver Champion enabled Sara and Leon to transition to their new living arrangements “Just Like Home!”

The Senior Transition Specialist:

  • Establishes a trusting relationship with the client
  • Discusses cherished possessions to move
  • Organizes sorting & downsizing of personal property

Facilitates The Move:

  • Conducts walk thru to take measurements
  • Designs layout with client’s furniture
  • Presents design layout to client and family
  • Oversees the packing and labeling of items
  • Supervises the unpacking and set-up in new home