What is an Advocate?

An advocate is a person who represents and works with the family and their loved one to help navigate the bureaucratic maze.

An advocate provides the family with resources and information so that they can feel empowered and make intelligent decisions about their choices.

An advocate protects the rights of patients at home, hospital or nursing home.

Advocates provide these services through care management, which includes:

  • A comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment
  • Development of a Plan of Care
  • Monitoring the Plan of Care

An example of nursing home advocacy
nursing care facility caregiver championJeff Weinberg, president of Caregiver Champion, who is also a licensed nursing home administrator, was contacted by Mrs. K.  Her mother was not getting proper care in a nursing home.

Jeff met with Mrs. K and discussed the problems her mother was experiencing in the facility.

He then developed a plan of care with Mrs. K which included meeting with the nursing home’s interdisciplinary team and discussing the problems with them.  The team was asked how they plan to fix these problems and now Jeff is monitoring there plan and the issues discussed on an on-going basis.

Mrs. K’s mothers care has improved dramatically.

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