Need For Corporate Caregiving Programs


• Six in 10 family caregivers are employed and the numbers are rising
• 66% have had to make adjustments to their work life – from reporting late, to giving up work entirely
• 20% have had to take a leave of absence
• 73% of family caregivers have worked while providing care

Employees who leave the work force for caregiving, on average, lose $310,000 in lost wages and benefits

Eldercare is estimated to cost empoyers in absenteeism, turnover, and lost productivity – $19,000 per employee, per year.

Sources: Met Life Study of Working Caregivers and Employer Health Costs, February 2010 and Caregiving in the United States: National Alliance for Caregivers in Collaboration with AARP, November 2009

What can Caregiver Champion do for you?

  • Save your company money by reducing absenteesim, tardiness, and improve presenteeism
  • Enhance your company’s recruitment and retention efforts
  • Boost employee morale
  • Help your company be considered by your employees as “family friendly”
  • Design a targeted program that meets your company’s needs

It works by providing useful services to your employees.

  • Information and Referral through a confidential toll free hotline number seven days a week for the employee and their family so they can access up-to-date information without having to make numerous calls and take time off
  • Access to a Patient Advocate that can guide employees through the bureaucratic maze of healthcare
  • Development of a plan of care
  • Lunch-and-Learn educational programs and workshops on various caregiver topics: Caregiver stress and guilt; Legal and financial aspects of caregiving: Continuum of care of Healthcare services and their costs: etc.
  • All services are completely confidential


Jeff Weinberg, owner of Caregiver Champion, being interviewed by Dave Mastovich on The No B******t Marketing Show regarding Patient Advocacy and Caregiver Champion.

Check out Jeff’s Most Recent interview with E-Care Diary on the Plight of the Working Caregiver.

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