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Navigating the healthcare maze can be incredibly stressful during an already stressful time… we can help.

Caregiver Champion is:

Dedicated to assuring that the chronically disabled and the elderly will maintain their highest level of independence and be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The team at Caregiver Champion can help sort out the many complex problems associated with disability and/or aging, and is made up of various healthcare professionals, including a healthcare administrator, a physical therapist, registered nurses, attorneys and an insurance specialist. The team has the ability to work together and with outside teams such as physicians, hospital staff, nursing home staff, personal care home, surgeons and specialists. Services include advocacy, counseling, assessment, help moving, telehealth, medical alert, med-dispensers and care management.

Contact Caregiver Champion for creative solutions to family problems by saving time and money while obtaining the quality that you deserve.

Why choose Caregiver Champion over other healthcare advocacy agencies?

  • We have over 25 years of professional experience working with caregivers, the chronically disabled, seniors, and their families.
  • We use a multidisciplinary approach to care, consisting of a healthcare administrator, nurses, and physical therapists.
  • ​​
  • We thoroughly vet our services, professionals and communities and choose those best suited to meet your needs.
  • We run an ethical practice as governed by the Alliance of Professional Patient Advocates
  • We never accept referral fees from professionals, organizations or assisted living facilities.

Caregivers, the chronically disabled, seniors, and their families often need professional assistance to sort through complex changes and problems that accompany disability or the aging process. Caregiver Champion provides you with the best possible resources; valuable information and services, along with access to experts who will not only save you both time and money, but will also provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that you are doing what is best.

CAREGIVER CHAMPION provides creative solutions by offering advocacy:

  • Help you ask the right questions
  • Guide you to the proper resources, both community and financial
  • Provide you with emotional support
  • Develop an individualized plan of care at home or in a facility
  • Oversee a plan of care
  • Assess your individual needs and complex problems
  • Help you navigate the bureaucratic healthcare maze
  • Provide you with peace of mind so that you can continue to be productive at work and home


  • Lisa G.
    I had a problem with my insurance company and they wanted to take away 20 of my personal assistant hours. I filed a grievance and requested a hearing.   Jeff helped and sat in with me at my hearing. Afterwards the outcome was successful and I was able to keep all of my hours! I want to thank Jeff at Caregiver Champion for helping me! Jeff was referred to me from a friend.  I never heard of him or his company but I am so glad I do now! I would recommend Jeff and Caregiver Champion to anyone! Jeff is very dependable and very knowledgeable at what he does he even pointed out some issues with me that I couldn’t see. Thank you again Jeff and Caregiver Champion!  
    Lisa G.
  • Barbara M.
    Guiding the complicated level of medical care for a family member experiencing a long term illness is an overwhelming task. The mission of Caregiver Champion is to eliminate some of the guesswork and advocate for families dealing with complex medical decisions.  Jeff Weinberg, president and chief administrator for the Caregiver Champion organization, possesses the experience and background  to provide "seasoned help" and guidance for clients who are searching "to get it right" when it comes to the many health care options that can arise. The journey becomes an ongoing challenge when hospital stays, for example, result in a series of choices of what to do next, where to find the best nursing care, or how to determine which  places will provide the best chance of recovery. In his organization, Jeff maintains weekly communication to check for progress updates or to be involved in a meeting with the hospital medical team or  nursing home staff.  At these face-to-face meetings, some practices or treatments for the patient can be ambiguous to the attending family members. This is often clarified by Jeff's deeper understanding of the health needs in his questioning of the staff. On a personal level with the patient directly, he has the ability to relate and develop a sense of trust, which could later become invaluable when difficult life decisions are at stake.  Also, the depth of the Caregiver Champion group is apparent when the expanded staff brings a collective solution to a problem or brainstorms a new angle to support an issue more effectively.  Jeff has a great knowledge of both the personnel and quality of facilities in the surrounding area. Speaking from experience,  Jeff Weinberg and his diverse staff of medical and social service professionals are invaluable.  It's leap of faith to just trust yourself with the challenging health path of a loved one, but Jeff and the capable group at Caregiver Champion have the varied experience to arrive at the best possible outcome.  Looking back over a personal time of crisis, all the decisions were spot on, and it provided the family members with peace of mind that was priceless.
    Barbara M.
  • Bonnie F.
    A great service for patients and families when they need it most. This, indeed, represents a new wave of care advocacy. Care Giver Champion is breaking new ground with compassion, sensitivity and – perhaps most importantly – the expertise to navigate the health care system. Kudos to Jeff Weinberg and his team.
    Bonnie F.
  • (on LinkedIn) Ceryl K., consultant at CKK Communications.
    Jeff is truly committed to geriatric issues and is a relentless advocate for patients and families. Combining compassion, strong leadership and business acumen, Jeff excels in his chosen career.
    (on LinkedIn) Ceryl K., consultant at CKK Communications.
  • (on LinkedIn) Darlene K, Director, Home Care & Hospice Operations at Baystate Visiting Nurse and Hospice.
    Jeff and I were both Directors at Excela Health… We had a huge role in designing and implementing a cultural survey of employees after a health system merger. I have great respect for Jeff and his support of and insight into the needs of the geriatric population. He is organized and flexible, and never takes himself too seriously.
    (on LinkedIn) Darlene K, Director, Home Care & Hospice Operations at Baystate Visiting Nurse and Hospice.
  • (on LinkedIn) Marilynn T., Health Education Coordinator at CCAC
    I have worked with Jeff for 10 years and I have been impressed by the quality of his work… From his years of experience in the nursing home field he has been able to help countless numbers of students to reach their goals in health care administration. Jeff is a hard working self-starter… He is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person… and is highly respected in his field, as both a person and a professional administrator, by colleagues and students alike… I can highly recommend Jeff Weinberg.
    (on LinkedIn) Marilynn T., Health Education Coordinator at CCAC
  • (on LinkedIn) Marla C., Senior Caregiver Coach at Highmark.
    Jeff is a wonderful patient advocate and is extremely knowledgeable in geriatric care and in corporate elder care. Most recently I had the opportunity to work with him at developing and providing Corporate Elder Care Services and Senior Assistance advocacy and services at Senior Assistance.  Utilizing the services of Jeff and Senior Assistance is a benefit for anyone or any company, as we all have had experiences helping loved ones through the healthcare systems.
    (on LinkedIn) Marla C., Senior Caregiver Coach at Highmark.
  • (on LinkedIn) Mary Ann S., Integracare Incorporated
    I enjoy working with Jeff. He is very talented and has been in the health care industry for years. I trust his advice. Jeff provides creative and innovative ideas to accomplish his goals and solve problems. He is a caring and compassionate person and a team player… I highly recommend his services at Senior Assistance.
    (on LinkedIn) Mary Ann S., Integracare Incorporated
  • (on LinkedIn) Erin H., Benefits & Wellness programs featuring Farm To Table.
    Through my work with the senior population I’m often asked to help people choose a nursing home or advise family members on the best course of treatment. While I don’t have that background, I can recommend Jeff Weinberg of Senior Assistance. I’ve known Jeff for several years and he’s been able to help a number of my clients navigate the complicated health care market place. If you have employees or colleagues who need assistance, give Jeff a call.
    (on LinkedIn) Erin H., Benefits & Wellness programs featuring Farm To Table.
  • Jan Marovic, a family caregiver.
    Jeff has contributed so much help and support to my family. Whenever issues or needs arise, he has the knowledge and contacts to provide solutions. I am so thankful that I met Jeff—he has been a gift to me and my family!
    Jan Marovic, a family caregiver.
  • Susan Burkett, Burkett Law Offices, LLC
    We have been delighted to refer our clients to Jeff Weinberg of Senior Assistance. His immense knowledge base, coupled with his genuine care for seniors and their families/caregivers, makes him a wonderful resource for persons making care decisions. While we have known him for a relatively brief time, we have been able to recommend his services to several of our clients. Without exception they have been impressed with his professionalism, his sincerity, and his responsiveness to their questions and needs. Jeff Weinberg is a gem!
    Susan Burkett, Burkett Law Offices, LLC
  • Arlene Starkey in Rio Rancho, NM
    Senior Advocates, Jeff and Laurie, put “feet on the ground” when my 82-yr old Pittsburgh cousin was “caught” in a non-responsive Health Care facility, where she did not receive any of her normal heart medications including the diuretic necessary to control water from building up in her body and lungs. As a congestive heart failure patient, her condition rapidly escalated into a life threatening status.  Lack of oxygen left her very weak and confused. Her only immediate living relative, a son, was in MI and I live in NM.  Neither of us was in a position to go to Pittsburgh to be the senior advocate. Jeff and Laurie stepped up and got Joanne transferred to a Health Care facility properly staffed and equipped to help her.  Though it is an ongoing story, having the excellent knowledge and assistance from Senior Assistance when it was most needed has made a real difference in improving Joanne’s medical condition.
    Arlene Starkey in Rio Rancho, NM
  • Mary Kaye C.
    Jeff managed my brother’s care for over a year prior to my brother’s passing. He was diligent about understanding who my brother was as a person. This resulted in plans developed to encourage and enhance my brother’s daily functions facilitating the services of staff and senior services from the community. Jeff’s has many years of experience in health care. His professional experience served my brother well during his time in and out of the hospital with chronic medical issues. I would highly recommend Jeff as an excellent advocate for your family member to manage every aspect of their care.
    Mary Kaye C.
  • Paul K.
    I received your email telling me that you will be closing my case.  This caused me to reflect a bit about our 1-year+ battle with Maximus, the Allegheny Dept of Public Welfare, and communications with a Welfare Program Executive in HBG with the Department of Human Services, Bureau of Policy. At our very first meeting at my house In early 2016, you had recommended that I apply for Act 150 benefits.  Alas, over a year later and after pushing through layer upon layer of bureaucratic confusion, finger-pointing, and misdirection, you persevered and got to me to the finish line. As an environmental attorney for 25 years who deals with the EPA on a daily basis, I would like to think that I could have single-handedly worked through this administrative mess.  Perhaps, but not in this decade and not without your direction and re-direction. You may recall that it was Mary Lee Jackson at the MS Society who recommended that I speak with you in early 2016.  Please thank her on my behalf, and don’t forget to put another feather in your cap for a job well done.
    Paul K.
  • Amy M.
    My father had been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for a few months. My family and I were trying to make sure he was receiving adequate care, that his needs were being met, his medications were being administered and trying to maintain contact with all the medical staff members caring for him.  Since we live in Maryland it was a difficult task. Even when we visited on the weekends we weren’t getting all the answers we needed. My sister-in-law’s friend suggested hiring an advocate. Her search led us to Jeff. Hiring Jeff was the best thing we could have done for my father.  Jeff is compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and very reliable. He attended meetings, spent time with my father, spoke with his caregivers, offered advice in managing legal/medical matters, and was available to talk at a moment’s notice. Hiring Jeff allowed my family the peace of mind knowing that we had done everything we could have possibly done for my father.  Sadly, my father passed away in May. Yet, Jeff still maintains contact with my family and continues to advise us with settling my father’s estate. I believe God sends people in your time of need and he led us to Jeff.
    Amy M.
  • Wendy R.
    I can’t thank Jeff enough for all he has done since my arrival in Pittsburg. He was extremely knowledgable and kind in what could only be described as a very difficult time in my life… Both physically and mentally. In fact, it could be said that he is the reason I am able to sit here, back home in Maryland, writing this today. It is a great comfort to know that there those out there like Jeff… willing and able to give of themselves to others, above and beyond what may be required. Thank you my friend.
    Wendy R.
  • M.H.
    Jeff and his team at Caregiver Champion have been such a blessing.  I live out of state, and was very worried about my elderly aunt.  My family in Pittsburgh had become overwhelmed with dealing with her complex health issues, and I was also becoming concerned about their wellbeing as primary caregivers. There was always a crisis.  Jeff was able to intuitively understand complicated family dynamics and offered a much-needed, balanced perspective.  He was incredibly knowledgeable about the landscape of geriatric care and resources in Pittsburgh, and was able to make referrals to outside services when needed.  In our case, this included an attorney to help with housing issues and an organizer to help with packing and moving my family member into more affordable senior housing.  In addition, he was able to coordinate care between my aunt’s physicians and other healthcare providers.  The social worker on the team, Renee, was wonderful and caring as well.  She visited with my aunt weekly and worked with her to help her understand and correctly administer her medication.  It was a relief to know that a competent team was watching out and advocating for my aunt.  Jeff is a caring, compassionate person, and I recommend his services wholeheartedly to anyone struggling with how to care for an elderly family member.