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Meet the Caregiver Champion Team

Jeff Weinberg formal headshot 9 2023

Jeff Weinberg

Jeff Weinberg developed Caregiver Champion, an advocacy team, as a result of dealing with the complexities of caregiving, chronic disability, and aging – and working with caregivers, the chronically disabled, seniors, and their families for more than 25 years.

Jeff's book, The Emperor Needs New Clothes: Or Why The Caring Disappeared from Health Care , was published in October 2022. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • Over 25 years of experience in healthcare and long-term care
  • Nationally Certified Healthcare Advocate
  • Planned, implemented, and directed a number of programs, including a geriatric assessment out-patient clinic, skilled and rehabilitation services and a continuum of care for senior services
  • Master’s degrees in Counseling and Health Administration
  • Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Pennsylvania and Florida
  • Adjunct instructor for CCAC and Penn State University
  • Champion for early detection for Alzheimer’s
  • Founding Board Member of Steel Valley Services for Aging (New Heritage, Inc.)
  • Member of the National Alliance for Aging in Place

His qualifications also include: Masters Degrees in Counseling and Health Administration – Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Pennsylvania and Florida – Adjunct instructor for CCAC and Penn State University – Member of Monroeville Chamber of Commerce – Founding board member of Steel Valley Services for Aging (New Heritage, Inc.)

Janice Scarlett

Janice Scarlett

Janet graduated from Pittsburgh Hospital school of nursing and started her nursing career at that facility. She has since worked in ICU, medical-surgical units and cardiology. The biggest part of her career has been in the HomeHealth field as a staff nurse, IV team member, supervisor and Nurse Liaison.

Marla Turnbull

Marla Turnbull

Marla Turnbull joined Caregiver Champion in February 2020 as a Social Service Specialist. Marla is an active member of the National Aging In Place Council. She thrilled you utilize her gifts of business management, accounting, organization, nutrition and nurturing for our patients. She came to us as a former Practice Manager for UPMC then ventured out into the Non-Profit sector to oversee a large Pittsburgh non-profit Foundation while being certified through the Dr Sears Wellness Institute as a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach. Marla’s hobbies include caring for the Prime Timers, anyone in the second half of their life, and speaking to groups on the importance of proper nutrition in their diet. Marla is married, has 3 married adult children & 3 grandchildren.

Photo of Jessica

Jessica Neiss


Jessica has a passion for helping Older Adults and people with Chronic Disabilities to maximize the enjoyment in their lives. She has 20 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist, and loves the challenge of creating therapy and exercise programs for people of all abilities and ages. Jessica has prior experience as a Spinal Cord Injury Team Leader and Director of Neurorehab in an outpatient clinic. She is trained in Tai Chi for Rehab and Modern Management of the Older Adult, LSVT BIG for Parkinson’s Dz, and PWR! Moves for PD. She is also certified to teach the On The Move! Program which helps to improve coordination and walking. Jessica recently opened To Life! Therapy and Wellness on Hazelwood Avenue in Squirrel Hill. To Life! is a one-stop therapy and wellness center and a community where people of all ages and abilities can exercise and work towards their goals with the help of Physical Therapists and other allied health professionals. She is so excited to help you live your life with vigor, confidence, strength and balance!



Sherie joins the team of Caregiver Champion with over 30 years of experience as a patient advocate and empowerment counselor, as well as a national and international speaker to healthcare professionals, law enforcement, employers, and the community. Her work has been published in the International Journal of MS Care. She serves on an advisory board for vulnerable, at-risk, and abused adults in Pennsylvania. Sherie’s skills include developing comprehensive plans for patient care that are rooted in mining strengths, restoring dignity, and encouraging self-determination; assessing clients for domestic violence; and creating emergency and safety models.

Dr Lisa Mainier

Dr. Lisa Mainier

Dr. Lisa Mainier, a double board-certified licensed medical physician, promotes wellness in a way that complements typical medicine.

"I go beyond the protocol-directed, reductionist philosophy, and assembly-line care of modern day insurance-owned medical institutions that we typically encounter. My philosophy is to optimize body function by using a healthy mix of traditional and lifestyle medicine for people who are motivated to actually become healthy, not just symptom-free.”

Using her specialized training in Integrative and Functional medicine, without abandoning traditional medicine, Dr. Mainier investigates and treats body processes that have gone awry that often confuse those who practice conventional medicine exclusively. For people who are motivated to become healthy and wish to get answers to symptoms for which conventional medicine (can only suggest stress, aging and emotional issues as etiologies during)* a 7-minute data gathering encounter, then you may be ready for the personal attention and adequate time given by Dr. Mainier to listen attentively, and then effectively guide you on your unique journey to wellness.