According to a recent article in The Care Home Professional, only four out of 50 care homes contacted sent contracts on request, and three of those four contracts included terms that could be considered unfair to residents.

When a patient/resident is admitted to a nursing or personal care home, it’s important… in fact, it’s their RIGHT that they sign an admission contract that explains their rights and responsibilities, charges for services, and grievance procedures. Plus, they should be informed of any policies and procedures that could impact them.

If the patient/resident doesn’t understand the contract, then the family member that’s designated as their representative should be informed of this contract. Nursing Homes are required to have this completed within 72 hours of admission. However, this often doesn’t occur, and sometimes these facilites are asking family members to sign contracts after the resident is discharged.

It is important to know your rights.  If you are not given an admission contract, please contact us so we can help.

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