Six out of 10 people with Dementia will wander.  It’s important to note that wandering and/or getting lost is common among people with dementia and can happen during any stage of the disease.

Several risk warning signs are:

  • They return from a regular walk or drive later than usual
  • They get lost and don’t know how to get home
  • They talk about former obligations such as going to work
  • They say they want to “go home” even when home

Case Study

Jeff was contacted by a daughter who was living in New Mexico that her mother who had been living independently in Squirrel Hill was wandering on Forbes Street and got lost and at times could not find her way back to her apartment on the same street. Many of the merchants knew her and would look after her.

When the daughter found out she contacted Jeff.

At Jeff’s advice, she took her mother to the doctor to see if there was anything physiologically wrong.  There was not!  She was diagnosed with dementia.

Jeff then gave the daughter several personal care homes that specialize in dementia care. (Caregiver Champion vets facilities based on quality of care). She chose one and moved her mother there.  Jeff now oversees her care by visiting regularly, attending care conferences, and speaking with the staff to make sure her mother is doing well.

Jeff gives the daughter feedback and reports regularly, so that she has peace of mind while living out of town!

If you need or know someone who needs help, contact us.

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